Liquid Environmental Solutions

Wastewater Disposal Services

Wastewater Disposal Services

Customers nationwide turn to us for sustainable, professional pre-treatment and compliant disposal of their wastewaters.

Wastewater Treatment and Recovery

Each Year, We Recycle Over 400 Million Gallons of Water
We became the leader in our field by focusing on one thing: non-hazardous liquid waste management. Today, we maintain the largest network of waste processing assets in the industry that are exclusively dedicated to the collection, transportation, treatment, recycling, reclamation and disposal of wastewaters.

With strategically located treatment facilities, a national fleet of state-of-the-art vacuum tanker trucks and a network of preferred partners, we’re able to meet the needs of your business anywhere in the US. In addition to directly serving tens of thousands of customer locations, we also accept wastes delivered to our disposal facilities by other environmental service companies.