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Drain Line Cleaning

Drain Line Cleaning

Proactive, preventative maintenance of your sewer and grease drainage lines does more than prolong the life of your sanitary sewer system. It also helps reduce the need for emergency or replacement services, which can be inconvenient — and very costly.

Understanding Your Sanitary Sewer System

Your interior drains are connected to an underground network of pipes that runs waste through a grease trap, before draining into the main city sewer lines.  Any clogging of the lines can result in slow drainage, backups, and malfunctioning of the grease traps. Routine maintenance helps keep your lines in working order.

Everything You Need To Maintain Your Lines

We provide a complete range of services to keep your sewer and drainage lines operating in peak condition, including:

• High Pressure Hydro Jet cleaning equipment that uses high water pressure to clean drains. 
• Mechanical Drain Cleaning to cut through serious obstructions
• Video Inspection Services to inspect and monitor line condition
• Subsurface Line Locating to spot potential trouble spots
• Trace Dye Testing to locate systems and test drain flow

Getting Started

At Liquid Environmental Services, we offer maintenance programs that begin with a thorough inspection, and an assessment of your needs based on your system, city codes, and other factors. We then propose a maintenance plan that’s right for your type of business, your system use, and your budget. Contact us today for a to schedule a call or a complementary onsite visit to discuss what type of plan is right for you.


With over 6,000 regulatory jurisdictions across America, keeping up to date on the latest regulations is a massive challenge. But it’s one you’ll never have to worry about. Our proprietary FOGLaw database enables us to keep you compliant – guaranteed.